The Month Ahead

T-Minus four weeks until spring break. The girls will be home for something like 85 days in April, so I'm planning accordingly. See, I'm at a serious stopping point. My proposals are all backed up, littering my agent's desk, poor thing. And we already have a project out on submission. So I have nothing to write. Nothing. It's a weird feeling.

Granted, I've volunteered to judge something like three different contests, and I'm coordinating one. And I could be working on the workshops we'll be delivering at Nationals. UH always requires maintenance, as does various record-keeping and housecleaning issues. But yeah, no real writing projects.

So I've decided to go for broke and just write something fun, just for me. It's a steampunk idea that goes a little like this:

A Hedy Lamarr heroine who actually looks like Grace Kelly,
A psycho/sexy hero, based on a certain Doctor,
And a sexy/psycho hero, based on a certain French Canadian dancer...
All set in an alternate late Victorian New York City.

It's called The Midnight Clock. Ilsa provided the title while we were in England.

But literally, that's all I have. I've not plotted, I've not brainstormed, and I'm mostly running on a few key visuals. Who knows what will come of it, but I feel like plowing into it at full speed, to see how much I can accomplish before the end of the school year, or before I get my next proper assignment. So yeah...rock on, word count meter! Let's do this thing!

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