Stuff's Been Happening

On Wednesday, the day of the No Rita Call, I wrote to my agent about how bored and stuck I am with this project logjam. Everything I write at the moment just feels like busy work! I even went so far as to mention that I saw an appealing "help wanted" sign in a local ice cream parlor. Getting desperate! So we picked one of my projects to focus on, which turns out to be Christies #1, the one I read to Chicago North last month.

An interruption: I was going to include the blurb I wrote up, but I suddenly got very superstitious and took it down. Forgive me. I'll post more about it if/when we have news. Suffice to say that Caren thinks it's great fun, really worthy, and we're aiming to pitch it next week. That's a weight off my mind. At least we're still moving forward, and I love having her support.

In other news, our health insurance has denied claim benefits for the foot procedure I had done in February--this is in addition to denying approval for future procedures. Apparently sclerotherapy (the vein shrinking process) is most generally used for the removal of varicose veins, so they think it's a non-medical cosmetic procedure. As if! I sicked my doc on them, because he was quite outraged, and I've filed official appeals. Otherwise we'll owe my doc $3K and my foot will be perma-sux. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

Then of course it's gonna snow this weekend. Just shoot me. Doesn't the weather realize that I've already had my traditional "first ice cream of spring"? It CAN'T snow now!

And I know only about two readers out there care about this, but I'm also pretty bummed because Penny's out of SYTYCD Australia due to injury. How heartbreaking would that be? Here's hoping Charlie can pull it off for them both. They were so close that they were starting to look like each other.

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