Carrie is a Mom Name

So I wound up talking to the Other Ilsa at swimming last week. Turns out she's really Elsa, but the pronunciation is the same for about 95% of people. She wound up asking me my name, which I told her. Her reply? "Zach and Cody from Suite Life--their mom is named Carey." Which means I'm old enough to have a Mom Name.

But it's predictable, really. "Carrie" and its variants are remarkably concentrated among mid-70s births. Check out the way it's plummeted in popularity, from a peak of #28 in my birth year, 1976, to its 2007 status of #988. Barely on the list! You have to go back to the 1880s, when Carrie was remarkably common--making the Top 30 of most popular female names during each year of that decade--to find equivalent numbers. We're centennially popular! And right now, we're all Mom Aged.

FYI, Elsa has been on the Top 1000 every year since 1880 (the farthest back the Social Security data goes), but Ilsa never has been. Just goes to prove there's no one like my Ilsa after all...

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