College Days Meme

I'm just doing undergrad at Bowling Green and UEA. Grad work at Ohio State was less college-ish and more life-ish.

1. Do you remember your college address?
325 Darrow and 325 Anderson. It was a room in the same location but in two different buildings, one for freshman year and one for sophomore year. I was in a ziggurat called Norfolk Terrace at UEA (below). Then he and I lived at 420 S. Summit when we returned to Bowling Green, but I don't remember the apartment number.

2. Ever lived off campus?
Senior year with Keven after we got married. D-House doesn't count.

3. Are you happy with the major you picked?
Lessee...history and literature. I think that worked out well.

4. Did you have one or more serious relationships?
Two. One was seriously awful, and one was seriously love.

5. Did you ever take a P.E. class?
Gah. Nope.

6. Ever have a run in with an RA?
No, but Melissa and I had a complicated relationship. I don't remember any other RAs. It's not like I was a pain.

7. What sporting events did you like to attend?
Does admiring the handiwork of SIC SIC count? Oh, I did go to an American football game at UEA. Keven and I stood on the sidelines, sharing a set of ear buds to my Walkman, while Andy and the Pirates got killed. Funny that I remember listening to "My Dark Star" by Suede.

8. Any wild parties?
At my only official college party, I didn't drink. I was with a guy who was a teetotaler, so I abstained. The parties in Britain weren't so Animal House. They were more like...gatherings of friends. And those were interesting...

9. What were your schools colors?
Brown and orange. The story is that the president of Bowling Green picked the colors in the 1920s when he saw them paired on a woman's hat. Makes sense for the 20s, but doesn't make sense in that we have "green" in the name. Dumb. But I own a SUPER ORANGE sweatshirt, the kind only misty-eyed alums buy. Karen has one too.

10. Did you ever graduate and if so in how many years?
Four years. Boom-cha! The honors adviser my sophomore year said I'd never graduate in four years if I spent one year abroad. I did...with two majors. Bite me, mustache boy!

11. Name one ritual with your friends?
Studying at Cosmo's, which is now closed. And sometimes not studying.

12. Any cool concerts held at your school?
At UEA, all the time. My favorite was My Life Story, of course. Not so much at Bowling Green.

13. If you could go back would you do it again
Why? Classes would be so dull!

14. Is your job now at all related to what you went to school for?
Amazing, but yes.

15. Can you recite the entire Greek Alphabet?
Hella no. I'm Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Alpha Theta (the history academic fraternity), but I cannot think of a single instance EVER where these mattered to my life. Padding a CV doesn't count.

16. Ever skip class to hang out with your friends?
Sure. Far too much, actually. I was a skipping fiend. I once skipped just to peruse an X-File website. Mind you, back in the Ancient Year of 1995, such a website was really rather rare.

17. Did you have a pet?
We had our cats Inca, who died of liver failure, and then Hopi during out last few months at the Summit apartment, even though pets weren't allowed.

18. Favorite party place?

19. Did you marry someone from college?
Heh. Yes.

20. Use your leftover money for laundry or to go out?
To pay bills? And go to Ziggy Zoomba's for $1 well drinks, pool, and new episodes of South Park.

21. Worst drink you ever consumed?
Vodka and (British) lemonade, but we were out of everything else, and I was too far gone to care.

22. Year you graduated?

23. Still keep in touch with college friends?
Hellllooooo, Facebook. And Karen, of course.

25. Any regrets?
Don't think so.

26. Play a sport?

27. Did you have a nickname?
Lindsey. Or is that a real name? Depends on who you ask.

28. Cafeteria have a nickname?
Which one?

29. Favorite late night snack?
Mozzarella cheese sticks at the Galley.

30. Favorite breakfast?
Don't remember eating much breakfast.

31. Favorite professor?
Dr. Klein! Such an influence on my life.

32. How far was your college from your hometown?
About 160 miles.

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