Dinosaur Pirates

I'm not the only storyteller in our household.

Keven just finished up reading an abridged version of Peter Pan to the girls. When they were home from school on Tuesday, they spent the afternoon combining elements of that story with their recently renewed fascination with dinosaurs. All out of paper, they made eye patches, hats, a treasure chest, a treasure map, an X (as in, marks the spot), and a hook for Juliette's hand. Apparently, her hand had been eaten off by a shark, and the hook was the key to the treasure chest.

Then they decided they wanted to be dinosaur pirates. Juliette was a triceratops. She made horns and scales to tape onto her animals, and even taped horns on her forehead and nose--just under the eye patch and pirate hat. Ilsa was a T-Rex, which included a snout she taped on her own face. Much growling was had. Later, they drew their dinosaur pirate dinners, which included blood sandwiches for Ilsa and salads for Juliette. I asked if they were space pirates, but they said no, that would be too much like Captain Raptor.

They're so cool.

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