It's Good to Be a Gangsta

Surprise, surprise, but the New York Times ran a positive piece about romance! Nary a mention of bodice-ripping or trash in sight. Amazing. And the better news is that romance is thumbing its noses in the general direction of all other non-Rowland, non-Meyers based book sales. If I'm going to pick a difficult industry to work in, during a difficult financial time, at least I picked the right one! Woe be to the poor sods trying to publish debut poetry anthologies.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty smug and gangsta about my poor maligned genre getting deserved props. Now if only they'd admit to romance having quality content, not just good sales.

Do your part for the economy and your own sanity. Buy a romance!

May I suggest for your reading pleasure the lovely Ann Aguirre's Blue Diablo? It's set in Mexico, for gosh sakes! Mexico! Like, the non margarita-on-a-beach parts! When has that ever happened? I've heard this is the sort of book that makes women want to maul other women for snatching the last copy off a store shelf, but that could just be a clever marketing ploy...

And now any mention of gangsta makes me think of Office Space. Beware: contains awesomeness, violence against machinery, and bad language.

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