Lie to Me

My dad recommended "Lie to Me" a few months ago when it premiered on Fox. Tim Roth! On TV! Happiness! Even better, he's using his "I'm sorta educated yet not too posh" British accent, which isn't his real voice. He's actually very proper, but he doesn't let that come across too often. Might spoil his rougher image.

Oh, look at him as Mr. Orange. So young! So cute! So soon-to-be-bloody!

Anyhoo, I hadn't seen it. Part of me was thinking, as I was with "Castle" starring Nathan Fillion, that the thing would be dusted off by the Cancellation Monster of Extreme Public Fickleness before it got interesting. Now "Lie to Me" is on episode 11 and "Castle" on episode 8. So now they're (vaguely) successful, I'm radically behind, and I haven't even finished off the end of "Life" yet!

But I just sat down to watch the pilot for "Lie to Me," and my friend Nancy was right. Not only is Tim Roth still deliciously incredible, the show is a masterclass in studying the emotions that people present. Say...emotions that writers might want to describe on the page. Useful, entertaining, and hot! Sign me up!

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