The More Unusual, the Better

Today I'm posting on the blog of my agent, Caren Johnson, about unusual historicals. It's a condensed version of the article I wrote for the November issue of RWR, but it might be new to you.

Do I get bored discussing my topic of choice? Not at all. Case in point: Two of this year's Golden Heart finalists (that I know of) are set in unusual places, one in China and one in Russia. Among contest entries I've judged this year, I've traveled to Russia, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, France, more France, the Caribbean, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Romany, and all manner of Western US settings. Every time I open an entry set somewhere other than England, I want to crow, "Igor, it's alive!!"

(An aside: England's great. Some of my favorite people are English. *waves* But at this point in historical romance publishing, it's about as exotic to me as Indiana. Wait. Some of my favorite people live in Indiana. *waves*)

So I'll keep talking up unusual historicals until a straight-up, full-on, no-holds-barred, give-me-a-few-more-cliches romance, not just historical fiction, can be set anywhere and anywhen. This is my hope. Then I'll open up my brain full of ideas and let the once-verboten fly free. As if I need an excuse...

I did some edits on my proposal last night and realized its problem. Gah. But we have three more days of Spring Break, so I'm tackling the house today. Organizing and cleaning. When I drop off the girls on Monday morning, I want to come back to a house that doesn't niggle with distracting, taunting chores.

With those done, I'll be eager to hit my last round of edits. I'm posting this picture of RDJr as my naughty carrot. Then the Christies will go out into the world. Can you say pre-empt, hopeful little girl? Good. Keep saying it until it happens.

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