Spring Break Opener

For the next ten weeks, I'll be featured every Monday on "Ask an Author," hosted by author Ingela Hyatt. Here's the skinny. Here's her website. I don't know how she'll allocate prizes, but there's gazillions waiting for folks who comment or ask questions.

In other news, we may or may not be going to my parents' house for Spring Break. They're borderline ill and hip-deep in preparations to move. Who knows. Keven left for Milwaukee last night and took the car, so we're on foot patrol until he gets back on Tuesday, which will mean taking the train if we decide to head to Indiana. My life...so unpredictable. Today we're mostly hanging out. I'm fixing heaps of online things I've been avoiding, such as website updates and bills, while the girls steadily undo all of the good cleaning we managed in their room yesterday. I had ambitions to do a spring cleaning-like whoop ass adventure today, but alas. Not so much.

On Thursday, our first day of spring break, I babysat two of the girls' friends throughout the morning. Their mom is a friend of mine, so friendly times were had by all. Then we set off walking to the library and other shops. At the Downtown Toy Store--the best place in Kenosha for toys--we picked up a gift for the party they would attend on Saturday. The girls also spent their allowance/Easter gift money on some long-pined-for Calico Critters. These squirrels are what Ilsa picked.

Afterward, we visited Forever Christmas, which is a head-trip homage to all things Navidad. It's really psycho. Awesome, but a little creepy too. We also made it over to Sandy Popper for a free bag of popcorn. Ilsa said it was an awesome day, which was pretty much true.

Because the girls received a free frozen custard coupon from a library promotion, we went to Culver's for lunch on Friday. They were practically falling asleep at the table, so we headed home for a nap before visiting the Grosts for a playdate and dinner. The girls all dyed eggs, then proceeded to leave the grown-ups alone as we chatted. Many brownies were consumed. Good times.

We got a late start on Saturday because we'd stayed up so late. We ambled around the house until it was time for the girls to go to the birthday party at Scamps, a local gymnastics gym that hosts tumbling-themed parties. Keven drove and picked them up, so I had my most glorious golf nap in years, complete with leftover brownies and oddly-dyed egg salad sandwiches. Bliss.

After the girls returned, we all watched the mediocre Easter special episode of Doctor Who. I'm getting sick of these one-off companions. If the 2009 specials keep being this ho-hum, I'll welcome His High Emo-ness, Matt Smith, come next year. A change of pace, please! Ilsa and Juliette were super brave, watching the entire episode and then proceeding to mimic the benevolent-yet-hideous Tritovores. Much popcorn was consumed.

And finally, on Sunday, the Easter bunny dropped off a few bits and bobs to the girls. This is the first year they've been really aware of Easter as an event, and although we don't celebrate it religiously, there's nothing wrong with the distribution of springtime feelings and chocolate bunnies. After a major room clean, we settled in to do lots of nothing on a very sugar-charged yet relaxing day. I watched the Easter special of SYTYCD Australia (with Charlie looking utterly bored and corruptible), finished judging the last of my piled up contest entries, and even squeezed in another brief golf nap. All in all, a very good way to start off our Spring Break.

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