Best Week Ever, Part 1

I haven't been much for updates this week because I've been incredibly busy having a blast. It all started last Sunday when Liz, Nancy and I met up for breakfast. Whenever we get together for our Sunday breakfasts, we always have a great time. After lunch, Keven took the girls out to a miniature golf place, so I had the afternoon to myself and took a nap. I spent that night catching up on episodes of "Life." Over the weekend, I also began work on Flawless and managed 1800 words.

I got an email from Juliette's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Mahant. Her son had been ill the previous Friday when she and another teacher were set to take before kindergarten girls up to the Milwaukee Public Museum for their end-of-year field trip. Because the trip had been rescheduled to Monday, the other teacher couldn't attend. Mrs. Mahant was soliciting parental chaperones, or else she would have to take all four girls by herself. I thought this was a great opportunity to spend time with Juliette, check out the museum we hadn't been to, and just get out of the house for a while. Plus, I like Mrs. Mahant and really sympathized with her situation; no one should have to wrangle four other people's children on their own like that.

First I checked with Juliette. She was very excited to have me along. I guess, for a moment, I had mistaken her for a teenager and thought she would mind my intrusion. Ilsa, however, didn't want me to go. She became very upset, and it was only after a few minutes that I realized her reaction was one of jealousy. So I guess I'm going on the field trip next year as well.

Monday was beautiful and sunny. We gathered at the school at 8 AM and headed north in Mrs. Mahant's minivan, complete with DVD player. That's traveling in style! The museum is very nice, much nicer than the rather small public museum we have here in Kenosha. Because about 100 students from other fields trips entered the ground floor as we arrived, a docent suggested that we take the elevator up to the third floor, which would be empty, and work our way down. That was the way to go. We had the whole floor to ourselves.

The other kindergartners are Alaina, Caitlin, and Caroline. Alaina and Juliette are like good friends and good rivals, very energetic and opinionated, and most prone to get into disagreements. This didn't become an issue until they began to tire. Until then, all four girls were exceedingly well-behaved, and between Mrs. Mahant and I, we managed to keep their attention and explore quite a lot. After lunch we watched an IMAX movie called Astronaut, which examined the effects of space travel on the human body, so it covered new material--not necessarily just space basics. Plus it was narrated by Ewan McGregor, which made me happy. Overall, I enjoyed the field trip experience much more than I had even anticipated, and I look forward to returning with the girls later this summer.

That night was more about catching up with episodes of "Life," then happily crashing.

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