Best Week Ever, Part 2

Tuesday, I ensconced myself at the library after dropping the girls off at school. Keven is on summer hours now: he goes to work at 7:30 and gets out at 4:45, then has a half day on Fridays. That means the girls and I are walking to and from school for the rest of their summer camp. My foot is holding up well, and most of the pain from the last procedure is receding. As long as I keep it elevated when I'm at home, I do all right. I was supposed to have another treatment on Wednesday but didn't want my recovery to impede our upcoming trip to Italy.

Sorry about the tangent.

Anyway, the weather all week has been absolutely gorgeous. I typed on my Alpha Smart while waiting for the library to open, and worked until noon when Keven picked me up for lunch. We ate at a dinky, unassuming little Mexican place next to Jockey, and the food was delicious as always. After lunch, I went home and chilled out on the balcony, rounding out my 4000 words for the day.

I picked up the girls from school, and a few hours later we had swimming. Karen G. and I finalized plans for my birthday celebration on Friday, and the girls continued to be awesome at swimming. Later that night, I showed them video of the men's 4 x 100 relay at the Beijing Olympics. They were both very impressed, except that Juliette became a little frustrated that her split is not as fast as Jason Lezak. I have to look into the local youth swim team organization, because our YMCA will be closing at the end of August. They enjoy swimming and take it too seriously for us not to continue once that happens.

Wednesday was very much a repeat of Tuesday, complete with 5000 words, gorgeous weather, and more swimming, except that night I finished watching "Life." So amazing. I haven't been affected by a television show like that in a very long time. The girls had a pizza party at school because it was their last full day for the year. They also watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People, a classic from my youth. Ilsa, predictably, was a little freaked out by the banshee. I was surprised to see how many of the shots seemed to exist only to demonstrate the advanced nature of their special effects. Not too different from today. And Sean Connery was hot.

Thursday was all about the year-end program. I dropped the girls off for practice at the reception hall where they would perform later that night. Then I escaped to a local Starbucks and completed just over 3000 words in exactly two hours. Yay for Alpha Smart! Yay for incentives--I knew I wasn't going to have another chance to write that day and wanted to have it done and off my mind.

I picked up the girls at 11:30 and we went to McDonald's for lunch. Afterward, we headed to the local outlet mall and picked up lots of Skechers: a pair of athletic shoes and new ballet-ish flats for me, a pair of funky crocs for Juliette, and light-up jellies for Ilsa. Then it was off to Old Navy for my birthday shopping trip. I'm now completely outfitted with new jeans, trousers, shirts, and a cute little cardigan.

We stopped off at the grocery store to buy my birthday cake--Swiss chocolate--then headed home for a nap. After the girls took showers and did their hair, we picked up Keven and headed out to the program. Last year, it had been scheduled to coincide with my birthday, which was fine but not exactly ideal. This year was set to be wonderful and memorable.

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