Best Week Ever, Part 4

OK, so I bought an updated copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to take oral dictation. That's why I'm probably not being as concise as I would've been had I been typing. So if you see odd typos, that's why. But this new version is remarkably more advanced than my last copy, as is my computer. I am appreciating it greatly.

After the amazing triumph that was Juliette's performance in the year-end program, she had to come back down to earth for their last day of school on Friday. It was a half day, mostly for the purposes of cleaning up, gathering possessions, and saying goodbye. It won't be too much of the goodbye for us because the girls will attend summer camp for four weeks this year.

But it was my birthday! After grabbing coffee and breakfast, I managed a paltry 1000 words, but that brought my week's total to 14,840, or roughly 66 pages. My agent sent "Flawless" to an editor who wanted to see the partial, and I told her that my success this week felt like I was drag racing. She replied that this gave her the mental picture of me blowing past other writers and giving them the finger. So that's been my work week. On top of the weather and all the good things that we've done, I've had an excellent week with regard to productivity too. My Super Sekrit Project is also going places, but more details on that later.

Anyway, when I couldn't stand working on my birthday anymore, I went home and talked to my parents, where together we watched the girls' performance video. My new computer makes it very easy to upload and edit footage, so hopefully we'll be taking more video in the near future. I went to pick up the girls, and then we headed to the toy store.

At the silent auction the night before, Keven bid on and won a gift certificate to the Downtown Toy Store. We decided to let the girls be=low the $50 on anything they wanted because they had done so well and worked so hard for the performance. They chose a Playmobile= dollhouse and a set of dinosaur ink stamps. Then we went to Kaiser's for my birthday lunch. I'm the only one in the family who really likes Kaiser's pizza, so I got to be selfish.

After playtime, a rest, a phone call from my brother, and my cake, we went to Karen & Rich's house. They had secured a babysitter for the night, and we picked up Josie on the way to the movie theater to see Terminator: Salvation (review to come). Following the film we headed to Rendezvous, an unassuming place along a street lined with many, many bars, but inside it is a no smoking Tiki bar known for its amazing drinks. Josie's husband Brad met us there, and we all enjoyed sampling their astounding drinks.

Insert goofy conversations here.

Also, if you're going to have a birthday, it's a good thing to hang out with five people are older than you. I highly recommend it. It's good for the soul. However, we did listen to "Evenflow" by Pearl Jam on the way to the bar, which I distinctly remember listening to in the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, which was 16 years ago. Thirty-three is not exactly old, but it does feel a little bit, well, spooky. I'm very much enjoying this part of my life right now, and I certainly don't like the idea of it speeding on past.

We returned home to find the babysitters had worked magic: all five of our girls were asleep. Keven and I went home to collect an overnight bag and left it with Karen & Rich with the promise to return for our children come morning.

Sweet. Their first sleepover. Juliette and Ilsa had been asking to do one for ages, so this was their chance, and we have plans for a repeat performance next week.

We returned in the morning, ate toast, drink tea, conversed, and generally let the girls run around the backyard for a few hours. An exceedingly nice experience. Oh, and Karen & Rich gave me a certificate to Mangia for my birthday present, and we ate more cake. After that, we said our goodbyes and made for the farmers market, which opened for the summer today. We scored bread and rhubarb and this delicious garlic cheese spread. The girls went back to playing with their new toys, I watched Thursday's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" and took a nap, and then we went to the park where I started reading the last of Patricia Gaffney's Wickerley trilogy.

See what I mean? Everything this week has been perfect. I am healthy, happy, and exceedingly lucky. I know in many cultures that acknowledging such gifts is considered an invitation to have them taken away by jealous gods or bad fortune, but I feel obligated to stay that I'm thankful.

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