Career Updates

The market climate may be such that newer authors can't sell based on proposal. So that means I'll be starting in on the full manuscript of my South African book, working title Flawless, as of Monday. I have loose ends on a different project to finish up this weekend, which will then go out the door later next week. And the sequels to the Scoundrels are on hold pending divine intervention, namely a sale elsewhere or good numbers on WaSW and Scoundrel's Kiss...which we won't know for sure until September.

Thus September is my next benchmark. I should have Flawless ready, meaning a serious kick-ass summer of writing--back to my evenings and weekends roots. We should know the preliminary fate of the mums-the-word project, and numbers for my Kensington books may be such that additional contracts are forthcoming. Or not. But at least I'll know.

Despite my afternoon of freaking out, I'm okay with this. Good things happen to me in September: I flew to England for the first time, I completed by first manuscript, sold my first book, and the kids always head back to school. It's the start of fall, the academic calendar's equivalent to a new year, a new start.

I live in hope. It's either that or get a regular job. Screw that.

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