"Castle," however, isn't as good. The woman playing the detective is really bad, and the production team is making poor decisions regarding the speed and intensity of their would-be attraction. I mean, isn't the goal always "Moonlighting" or "Cheers" or "X-Files" when it comes to the will they/won't they dynamic? In all three of those shows, no matter the flirtation that may have gone on verbally, the characters maintained physical barriers that helped make the tension more sound. Check out this picture:
No one ever ever ever burrows that deeply into someone's personal space without a) punching them or b) kissing them. This happened in the very first episode in an interrogation room, which totally sapped the woman's credibility as a cop. Especially coming off of watching two episodes of "Lie to Me," which is based on body language, I just wasn't buying this.

Oh, and "Life" kicks its ass with regard to the Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You aspect of the police procedural, specifically when they break into people's houses, draw their weapons, etc. The Castle detective lady didn't even check behind her as she jumped into the living room. What the hell? They're definitely going for quirky and fun rather than genuine.

Don't even get me started on the writer bits. Castle gives her an advance copy of his next book, but the advance is in hardback. I'd have bought it if he said "author copy." And his ex-wife is his "publisher." What does that mean exactly? She demands his next manuscript be on her desk in three weeks, but then she introduces him at a public function. Editors don't leave their caves if they don't have to! I suppose it would be like doctors watching "House" or lawyers watching just about anything on TV.

Castle's relationships with both his mother and his daughter are very cute and natural, making me remember why I like Nathan Fillion so much. It's his Captain Mal look, a blend of patience and exacerbation--like he just can't believe what's being said in front of him. But then he's back with the lame detective lady and he just comes across as painfully smug and useless.

Anyone else watch? Does it get better?

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