Flawless Update

I haven't been keeping a very good blog record of how writing "Flawless" is proceeding, even though I've written more than 20,000 words since officially starting last Monday. Part of me doesn't want to because it feels like I'll jinx the project, but I know that in the months and years to come, I willwant at least a scant record of what I was thinking, what troubles I encountered, and what was charging me up about this particular story.

So, I've revealed that it takes place in South Africa, but particularly, it's set in Kimberley, Cape Colony, in the early part of 1882. My heroine is Vivienne, the bastard daughter of a dead tycoon, and the hero is Miles, her wastrel aristocrat of a husband. I've never done a story where the hero and heroine previously knew one another, which is making the balance between intimacy, awareness, and conflict tricky to manage.

Yesterday I hit a significant snag. I reached that point where every word sounds ridiculously contrived and trite. However, upon rereading the last two or three chapters this morning, I realized that the writing is fine--if in need of a serious polish, naturally--but that I seriously mismanaged the last three scenes. Wait! Conflict! Where did you go?!

I kept workingthis morning, even though I know most of what I wrote this past weekend will need to be altered, chopped, or redistributed. But I love that little thrill of rereading new material for the first time. With how fast I've been zipping along, I truly get the sense that someone else wrote these words. I don't recognize them. I don't remember having written them. And yet the characters ring true and make me want to continue, to help them reach their happy ending.

Because I'm not entirely certain how we'll be able to market this book for sale, I've reached the point where I'm writing it entirely for myself. This is how I want it to sound. This is how I want the scenery described and how I want the characters behave--although they're far more difficult to control than the landscape. Perhaps that's why I've been writing so quickly. The chains have been cast off. When I look out across the next year, I don't know what my career will hold, so all I can do is write this for my own satisfaction. Imagine that.

I know I'm being vague, but this entry is mostly for me. I'm feeling very confident and very superstitious about this project, which makes me clam up when it comes to discussing it in any detail. Soon, though. Maybe soon...

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