Gimme a Woot!

So aside from all the "Dollhouse" hoopla, which I don't watch, I hadn't checked out the full Fox fall lineup. My curiosity was as to whether or not "Lie to Me" would be returning. And I received double good news! First up, yes, "Lie to Me" will be part of Fox's fall schedule, on Mondays after "House." It's British night! Second, they've picked up a second full season of "So You Think You Can Dance"! That's right, after the summer's fifth season, they'll move straight into season six on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the fall. While I know this means we'll burn out the show more quickly, I can't help but be happy for now.

Oooh! It's going to run simultaneously with the second season of SYTYCD Canada, which is just wrapping up auditions. Can I handle So! Much! Dance?!

On other channels, I know "Castle" has been renewed, which is fun, and I'm still waiting for Jay Leno to suck ass enough for NBC to renew "Life." Still waiting. Still waiting. I have three episodes left to watch, and I've been parsing them out, knowing there's little chance of seeing much more after these are done. Damian!

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