I received a rejection today that I very much didn't want to get, but part of me thought it was going to turn out this way. Gah. I'm not impressed with things at the moment. However, at least I'm not bored. I have lots to do before school gets out later this month.

We're shifting our focus--not the royal we, but my agent and I--toward FLAWLESS, which is the working title for my Next Big Thing. I posted an excerpt from it last week, and I'm loathe to describe any more about it just yet. I love it. So much. It's honestly the best thing I've written to date, and I want it to fly out into the world and make with the much conquering. Ooh, look at the pretty:

In other news, Ilsa and Juliette have been very brave. They watched Jurassic Park, then Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with scary-as-shit Gene Wilder. I provided heavy commentary for both, particularly the whens and hows of various deaths. Progress. I'm not ready to show them Alien, but at least they're not bawling over The Little Mermaid anymore.

They've grown increasingly bored with regular kid fare, particularly since we've been reading classics aloud. They can handle much more complicated plots and more danger when it's literary, and then they expect those more riveting plots from TV and movies. Not always going to be there in kid stuff.

My general impressions upon re-watching them after so many years: Jurassic Park still has very awesome moments of completely fun and manipulative film making, but not enough the highly incredible and oddly hot Jeff Goldblum. Willy Wonka is excessively creepy and subversive, but the opening 1/3 moves too slowly. Quality flicks, both of them.

Oh, and Juliette complained about the finale of Jurassic Park because Tyrannosaurus is now thought to be a scavenger, not a hunter. Because of that, T-Rex must have used smell as its major food-gathering sense, which makes the whole "hold still so it won't find us" thing irrelevant. Huh. She's been paying far more attention to the National Geographic specials than me.

In other news, the Kensoha Chrysler plant is scheduled to be shut down, which will do lovely things for our community. I think Jockey has just become Kenosha's "too big to fail" corporation. Times, they are a-suckin'.

But we're only two weeks and two days away from the return of Cat Deeley on SYTYCD US. Yay for Cat! I need help. And lunch.

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