Pink Eye Revisted

Why is it I feel like actually beating up folks who nay-say the new Star Trek? Have I become a Trekkie, or does my preference for the re-boot make me an anti-Trekkie? Should I be sporting alternate universe facial hair? I'm confused. This is the first film I've wanted to see again in the theater since The Matrix, which for all you old folks out there, was ten! years! ago! Cripes. But funny--put a stocking cap on Evil Spock and he practically becomes The Edge.

"Shake it, shake it, shake it, Salome!"

Anyway, Ilsa came home with pink eye today. Joy! She can't go back to school until at least 24 hours after the first treatment, which means my doctor's appointment set for tomorrow had to be rescheduled. Why the passive tense there? Maybe because I don't feel in control of my destiny. Anyway, yeah--rescheduled for July!! Dude. Glad it's just an annual. But there's no way I'm taking a curious 5-year-old to that particular exam. All of the possible questions beginning with, "Mommy...?" make my brain boggle.

Here's a pink eye clip a la "South Park," which remains awesome despite having been released in 1997. Can you tell my birthday's coming up? I feel like the damn Crypt Keeper this week.

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