Sick Ilsa

Ilsa, She of the Sensitive Tummy, has thrown up three times this morning. Keven has the car and it's raining, so I'm not going to make Ilsa walk to school and back just to drop off Juliette...and then to go pick her up. So we're home today. One of my 16 precious summer camp days lost to illness. Damn.

The weather is making me feel miserable too. I'm going to call it a loss, writing wise, and settle in for a day of reading my research books as the kids frolic listlessly--is that possible?--and watch endless dinosaur programs. Walking with Dinosaurs is three hours long! It's fantastic, like educational soma--again, is that possible?

Hey, so I've been eating tons of black olives. I'm totally addicted to them. Is there something wrong with me? Have I gone pica, like maybe there's something in olives that provides a nutrient my body is craving? Bizarre.

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