Start Spreadin' the News

I got an email yesterday from author Jennifer Estep, who presented a panel at my first Nationals in Dallas. Aside from her popular superhero romances, she also writes book reviews for the Bristol Herald Courier in Virginia, circulation 38,000. Turns out that she did a review for What a Scoundrel Wants, all on her own. I didn't ask her to. How cool! Strange, too, that I was wide-eyed and unpublished when I saw her speak in 2007, and now she's devoting print inches to my debut. You can read it here.

Ilsa's pink eye is better. After a productive day out-and-about with her yesterday, she headed back to school this morning. Juliette is going on a Kindergarten class trip tomorrow, where they'll head up to the Milwaukee Public Museum, take in lunch, and see an IMAX movie about space. Ilsa is just about green with envy, but the advantage to having girls who are only a year apart is that she can see her turn right around the corner. Many of her sentences begin with, "Next year, when I'm a kindergartner..."

It's lovely out. We bought a windchime and a hanging plant. However, living on the Lake is like tempting fate. Come, come, windy day. Steal our stuff!

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