SYTYCD Auditions #2

Ilsa is back in school today. The same little nasty that made her throw up also stole Juliette's appetite, but they were back to normal this morning. Who knows?

Now for my "So You Think You Can Dance" recap. Cat was wearing the same white fluffy vest she wore in New York, like Juliette with a favorite accessory. I think part of her appeal is that she can deliver corny lines with a wry smile that says she knows they're corny. And if there's anything cuter than Cat, it's Cat peaking Spanish.

Is Tyce getting on anyone's nerves yet? It's gonna be a long season with his theatrics. He wears the most condescending expression, even when a dancer doesn't warrant it. I much prefer Mary's fixed, fake mask. She's always smiling, but it's never only when she's happy. I liked her comment to one of the girls that she'd obviously been dancing for Nigel alone, i.e. a straight dude. But what was up with all the freak shows in Miami? Get off the stage!

On to the dancers. Priscilla in Miami was adorable and reminds me of a self-aware Arassay. But part of Ara's charm was her lack of pretension. She was just herself and was amazing because of it. Self-aware performers can go one of two ways: they can be like Nico, who used his powers for good and won the whole shebang in Canada, or they can be like Talia, who eventually made my skin crawl as she won the whole shebang in Australia. No telling.

Romulo and Lauren, the salsa couple--I would've liked to see more footwork, but their tricks were amazing. Paris, little Miss Washington, was another self-aware ballerina, desperate to prove that ballet can be sexy. I hated her chin, but I especially hated the disapproval that crossed her face when Tyce wanted to see her do choreography. She'd expected to sail through with flying colors.

I was glad to see Alex Wong, if only briefly, because I'd like a successful male Asian dancer. The widow, Talia, was sex on a stick--like she'd stolen Penny's body but left half her boobs behind. It was clever for that African dancer, Geo, to keep his feather necklace on for the choreography round, as a reminder for the judges. Marico, the policeman, is just an optimistic and impressive human being, and I'm not above being moved by the football coach dad supporting his gangly dancer of his son. The girl who lost her dad to suicide, Anna, reminds me of Kherington in her body, movement, and beyond-her-years maturity.

What is with all the siblings this year? The Rat Pack guy, Evan, looks like a young Nathan Filion, and I was totally convinced his older brother was going to suck. Of the (good) twin sisters, the taller one never quite finished her moves, trying to match her sister in the synchronized chorey. Glad they were able to do their own thing. And Caitlin, whose sister already went through from the Miami auditions, gave my second favorite audition so far, behind Natalie's from last week.

Good to see Lil' C again, and it looks like we get Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman tonight. So where is Dan Karaty??!! *sobs*

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