SYTYCD Auditions #3

Wow! So much talent this year, except for in Seattle! And so many returning dancers who've already proven that they have the talent and versatility to make it very far in Las Vegas week. Tapper Bianca was a favorite of mine from last year, and she's only improved since. Her hair is incredible. Asuka and Ricky, the Latin ballroom dancers who also returned, have grown as a couple and as performers. She has no ass but totally works it.

What was with the creepy brother and sister? Ew. The girl who had religious concerns--why even bother auditioning? And wow, the big dude en pointe! They found some choice weirdos. However, I was thoroughly entertained by the swing dancer, Calico, dancing with Adam Shankman. Great to see Joshua, Katee and the others from last season back again to have some fun. But Shanks needs to lay off the fake tanner.

Calico was 30 years old, whereas last year the age limit was 27. Hmmm...

Whoa, Nathan, that 17-yo. The matched expressions on Adam and Nigel's faces when he exited those pirouettes with such control--they were floored. You don't get compared to Travis and Danny without being marvelously talented. With so many great dancers this year, it's no wonder they decided to do back-to-back seasons. Maybe that explains the change to the age limit, opening up a larger pool of dancers.

Other standouts for me included Sammy, the popper with red dyed hair. He's personable, cheeky, different, and has incredible muscle control. If he can put that together with any sort of technical skills, he'll do well. Amanda, the girl whose dad had multiple sclerosis--she was smiling throughout her performance, which didn't fit the morose song "Breathe Me" by Sia. She has an incredible center and very good control, but her moves seemed showy and lacked emotional truth. Look! I can spin! I quite liked Kelsea, the quirky psycho Amy Winehouse-type from Seattle, but I wonder how she would've done in the New York auditions were the competition was so much tougher.

Oh, can we have Kuponoh please?? Rah rah for more Hawaiian guys! And I love the performance between Ariel and Philip--so cute. It had all the hallmarks of a potential train wreck, but they pulled it off beautifully. I'm curious whether his partnering work will make him a better contestant come Vegas week.

With some of the very poor additions, I see Nigel wavering, having to choose between putting people out of their misery and getting good footage for his program. But I'm sorry, good footage does not include that horrible dance off. Really embarrassing.

The ballerina who didn't go through is proof that technically excellent dancers are not necessarily right for this contest, although Nigel goofing on her was mean. I love Vegas week because it brings out those who have the right combination of personality and versatility. At these auditions, it's so hard to tell who will go the distance because they all seem so good right now.

The ones I'll be rooting for are: Priscilla (Latin contemp from Miami), Anna (brunette whose dad committed suicide), Cailtin (emotional blonde whose sister had already made it through), Gabi (the arthritic circus performer), Natalie (yay!), Bianca, and Asuka for the girls; Evan (Old Skool dancer/Nathan Fillion look-alike), Peter (tapper), Igor (blond Russian ballroom), Brandon (yay!), Philip, Sammy, and Kuponoh. But I'm always happy to see previously under-exposed personalities start shining through as the week gets tougher.

Who stands out for you?

Bummer that I'll be in Italy once the competition actually starts. But I'll be in Italy, so that offers some compensation!

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