Little Hello

I'm back. I'm also swamped. Keven and the girls went back to their lives yesterday, while I'm running to put the home back in order. We have no food in the house, but at least I've unpacked and the laundry is done. AND! I got the copy edits on SCOUNDREL'S KISS in the mail yesterday. They're due back to John on July 3. It's lucky timing, actually, because the girls will be in school through July 3. But then it's about eight long weeks till they go back.

Run! Run! Run!

I've caught up on SYTYCD, with a full recap coming up. I have only one comment to offer right now about last night: If nothing else exciting, hot, amazing, fun, or WOW happens for the rest of the season, we'll at least have Evan and Randi's slow back bend in their Mia Michaels' butt dance. Holy smokes. I love them. Absolutely love them. I have no idea how Evan will fair with taller partners when the couples are broken up, but he's definitely the guy I want to see each week.

Oh! And we've finally relented: We're getting cable! With DVR! On Saturday!

More soon, with pictures. Promise!

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