Monday, Monday

I know that I "posted" more while I was out of the country than since I'm been home. I know! Magic! But I've been working on getting copyedits for SCOUNDREL'S KISS done by the Thursday due date.

Isn't perspective a bitch? I read SK back in October, just for kicks. I was down about some proposals and basically wanted to reassure myself that a) I could finish a story and b) I'm good at my job. Mission accomplished, because it was far better than I remembered it being. In fact a month later, when I received author copies of WaSw and reread that as well, I felt that SK thoroughly kicked ass by comparison.

However, since the release of WaSW and reading the reviews that went with it, I hear other people's voices in my head as I plow through the edits. Hmmm, I wonder if this opening will keep readers' attention. I wonder if they'll find my heroine too unlikable. Basically, I'm wondering if SK will placate those people left unsatisfied by WaSW.

As I tried to explain to Liz yesterday, I know--KNOW--in my logical mind that the words themselves haven't changed since I read them in October. I know that. It's my perspective and my memory of those other reviews that has changed my opinion. And because I know that, I'm forcing all the little niggling doubts into a box and locking the lid. The book is great. I adore these characters. They put me through hell to get them out of my head, but now they are precious to me. That's what I need to remember and hold onto.

So there you go. Proof that ten days in Italy didn't make me any less neurotic!

Now if only I had my cover. Damn you, tardy cover fairies!

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