Off We Go!

I know I've been remiss at posting. I know. But we're leaving for Italy today! Do you know how much crap I've been doing since Friday?? Tons!

And not all of it travel related.

Yes, I have numbers back from the sale of WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS, and they're not particularly good. Neither are my prospects for FLAWLESS, the South African-set book I was working on. Basically, it's time to regroup and decide what the next goal for my career should be. "Sell tons and prance around" is off the table. I'm going to use this trip to Italy to let my brain marinate in wine and alfredo sauce, then get back to work when I come back.

Keven and I aren't taking our laptops or typing gear or internet-y things of any kind, so it will be a genuine vacation. No work! No kids! What the hell? So bizarre. On Monday I dropped Juliette and Ilsa off at my parents' new farm, which is awesome for two condo-raised girls and perfect for their summer break, but we're still not into a "the kids really aren't here" groove yet. Yesterday, when I spent most of the day cleaning and getting things organized, I kept checking the clock to see when I'd have to go get them from school. Nope.

Considering that our honeymoon at the ages of 21 and 23 was a two-day trip to Six Flags Great America (nearly 12 years ago), and our last vacation without the kids was to Cancun for five days (about 4 1/2 years ago), I'm going to exhale a big sigh of "OMG awesome" relief. We need this. And with everything pretty much set to go--except for the packing, which is always the easiest part--we're both pretty stoked.

I've set up a few random posts to fire off without me, but nothing too major. It'll probably be more regular than I've been while here at home!

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