SYTYCD Vegas Week #1

I mentioned Alex Wong in a previous recap because it's about time we had a fantastic male Asian dancer on the show, especially one who's classically trained. But I didn't know he was absolutely fantastic! That solo of his was terribly impressive. That first cut after the solos had to have been hard, to be sent home after performing what got you there in the first place.

Every time I seen Tabitha and Napoleon, I smile. Every time I see Jean-Marc and France, I wonder how she's put up with him for so many years. And then, because I watched SYTYCD Canada, I wonder when he'll start to cry--which is what he did all the time as a judge. And speaking of crying, Cat worked absolute magic with getting that guy Tony to smile before his second run at Mia's routine.

Gabi, the arthritic circus performer, which is probably not how she would like to be described, is very typical of Vegas week. She was an absolute standout among the additions, and yet the pressure and demands of learning other people's chorey is too much. But I could watch her perform own work all day.

What happened to poor Natalie? When she danced with Brandon, she was absolutely stellar. And then boom! Flat! What the hell what wrong? Was her confidence so low without Brandon? It certainly affected him after she left.

All of this goes back to my formative theory as to why the US shows far less of Vegas week then either the Canadian or Australian versions. I was seriously underwhelmed by the producers' very cursory recap of the group routines, both in their personal footage overnight and in showing the routines themselves. Perhaps American viewers don't want to get attached to people who won't make it into the Top 20? Dancers are such sensitive people--it's hard to get through five minutes without tears from either the dancers or the judges--so maybe seeing them hurt and disappointed is not good for ratings.

If that's the case, why haven't we been seeing some of the new front-runners? They mentioned some guy named Jason as having potential for the Top 20. Was he the one who auditioned with the umbrella? If they want me to like him, they have to show me who he is! After all the camera time Tony received, he'd better make it in. The judges are trying awfully hard to keep them around, which means they are seeing some star quality in him that we haven't been shown.

Of my original picks from the girls' auditions, only Asuka and Caitlin remain--and the editing hasn't revealed who else we have to root for. I find this annoying, just as I find it annoying that the beauty pageant girl with the huge chin is still in. She reminds me of a girl I knew in junior high. Jessica. But what was her last name?

Of the boys, it looks like Peter was cut, as was Sammy. Haven't seen hide nor hair of Igor and Kuponoh, so I guess that leaves Ricky for our ballroom guy, Phillip as our quirky guy, and Brandon as our "guy who needs to learn how good he is and get with the *&%!^% program."

And ah, the Kasprzak Brothers. They're like magical dancing leprechaun comedians. The Nerdography group probably benefited from Ryan's chorey, and I very much liked his serious face after performing Mia's routine--but then, I always prefer angst to whoopee cushions. Unfortunately, I can't imagine them both making it into the Top 20. They're so similar in style and built. But wouldn't the human interest component of the show just make them superstars? Folks would eat them up, in that Benji, Heidi and Lacey sort of way.

Snort line from Mia: "I'm a cutter." TMI! And Tyce is going to annoy the shit out of me all season, isn't he?

So what remains for tonight's episode? Ninety minutes of drawn-out suspense and more crying? Dude, it's a dance show!

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