SYTYCD Vegas Week #2

I am greatly annoyed producers right now. Who are half these people? How can it be in the best interest of the show for half of the contestants to come into the main competition with a significant fan base, while other qualified dancers get barely a mention, even when they get into the Top 20? I already miss the Australian version, which produced a much more competent narrative.

Janette, salsa from Miami: enjoyable
Kayla, blonde with the crying grandad: She hasn't connected with me.
Paris, former Miss Washington: Please don't get paired with a guy I like!
Jeanine...big blank.
Karla...I got nothing.
Caitlin, angsty blonde former gymnast: Happy!
Ashley, who's apparently auditioned four times now: That's all I know.
Randi, who like unitards: Still more zip.
Asuka, sex on a stick ballroom: yay!

Talk about a lack of diversity. I'd judge them on their dancing, but that isn't possible with the way the show's been presented! Although I knew just as little about the guys who made it through, they at least show a little variety.

Vitolio, from Haiti: Why did we wait till today to learn about him?
Kuponoh: They made him cut his hair! NO! Loved the list-making, though.
Jonathan...that could be anybody!
Brandon: He's this year's ready-made controversy, like Danny or Will. Annoying.
Tony, hiphop guy who got so many chances: Coz they need regular white dudes?
Maxim, the Russian ballroom guy: OK. He's probably why Ricky didn't make it in.
Jason, who is not the umbrella dancer (named Kellan): No idea.
Phillip, who is funny and awesome: Yay!
Evan, who is also funny and awesome: Yay!!

So I won't get to know a thing about any of their pairings or performances through the first and second weeks. Argh!! I'll spend the Tuesday we get home just watching all of them back-to-back. What are your thoughts?

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