Conference Hello

This is me real time, as opposed to stuff I wrote last week. It's Thursday night and I've visited a few fuctions where free booze is the gift of having been invited. I've also had a marvellous three days, which I'll post about in more detail when I return. In 15 minutes, I'm off to crash the Kiss of Death reception for their annual contest and mingle with some agents and editors, at the kind matchmaking invitation of my Broken Writers buds, Deb and Joelle. That means I'll miss the SYTYCD results, but I'm not fussed for two reasons: 1) I'm really non-committal about this year's dancers (either I like them OR they're really good--no outright winners or losers), and 2) that's what DVRs are for!

A big hello to everyone I met last night!! You made me smile, and I didn't feel at all like a mushroom growing on a forgotten, fallen log. Thank you! In some ways I'm a gratifyingly big fish this year, and in most ways, I continue to be humbled. But all is well, entertaining, beneficial, and mostly (mentally and physically) healthy.

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