Italy #2

In case you missed it when I added the link to the last post, here's my photo album.

Keven and I spent the night at Silvia's parents' house and slept in until 11. I awoke to Paolo, Silvia's father, telling me something about driving. Steve and Silvia had already left for the wedding rehearsal, so I didn't know what he meant. Luckily, Silvia returned from church in time to translate: Keven had to get to the car rental place in Fabriano--the next town over--by 12:30! He zipped around and got ready. Valentina drove him there, then basically pointed in the direction of Cerreto and wished him good luck. He made it back to the house and channeled Scotty from the new Star Trek: "I like these roads. They're exciting!"

So we had achieved a Volkswagen Golf. Next we had to make it to the resort. The wedding partiers were stationed at the Borgo di Lanciano, which featured hotel rooms, a restaurant, and reception facilities in what used to be medieval servants' quarters, all entirely renovated and amazing. The castle where the lord would have lived was up on a hill overlooking the valley below. Keven I arrived, checked in, and found our people.

We were pretty much the only guests staying at the resort that weekend. Everywhere we looked there were people we knew. Keven compared it to a 1980s sitcom like "Family Ties," where the Keatons would take a holiday in the whole show would relocate to Florida or wherever. Waiting underneath the veranda, drinking, were all of the ordinary family members we spend time with at holidays and reunions...except we were all in Italy!

This is where getting older kind of sucks: I know it's been six months since I saw everyone during our holiday trip to England, but it felt like no time had passed at all. Sheesh.

Let's see...drinking, relaxing, talking, drinking, chilling. That was Friday afternoon. The older crowd--Keven's parents' and most of that generation--adjourned for dinner. We went into Cerreto later that evening for dinner with our friends and the younger members of the family--a total of 35 people! We sat outside and experienced our first full Italian dinner. The food was insanely delicious, and the wine flowed as freely as the water. I tried to keep my ratio to 1:1 (water:wine), but alas, that wouldn't prove enough.

Turns out the whole dinner was only €20 each. Amazing. Something like six courses with dessert and all the wine we could drink for the equivalent of $30. What's even funnier, the waiter said that Steve could pay him the next day rather than interrupt our evening's festivities by hassling with the bill. Granted, this show of faith was backed up by the fact that everyone at the restaurant knew Silvia's family, but still. I can't imagine that happening in the US.

Afterward, we strolled across the street, back to the gelaterria/bar that we'd visited the night before. That was probably where my drinking ratio went haywire and I lost track of what I was doing. Some generous friends have suggested jet lag also played a part. They're nice to me that way.

Tomorrow: the consequences. And the wedding!

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