Italy #3

The day of their wedding arrived, and I was sick like I've never been before. Keven and I had grand ambitions to head down to breakfast before 10 AM. I got out of bed, showered, and got back into bed. I was so hangover that the hangover hadn't actually started yet. I was still drunk. OMG. Absolutely wretched. And what was worse, I had to read during the wedding, so it's not like I could hang out in the back of the church and hide.

Meanwhile, Keven went and did non-hungover things. Good for him. I became acquainted with the Ideal Standard toilet in our bathroom and contemplated the ubiquitous existence of Italian bidets.

At about 1:30, I was feeling marginally recovered. Keven came and fetched me, dragging me down to the restaurant. I ordered strong coffee and a fruit plate. Luckily, I was in Italy and both strong coffee and fruits are available in abundance. After that, things started to look up. I actually felt quite good by the time we arrived at the church at 4 PM. Oh, and we looked really good! Everyone did! Maybe it was the sunglasses and the bright sunshine, giving all of us Anglo types some color!

The wedding was to begin at 4:30. We were inside the church, gathered and waiting, but the festivities didn't begin until roughly 4:50. The priest spoke no English, so one of the bride and groom's friends, Alan, an Englishman who had married an Italian girl, translated the priest's impromptu speeches. Everything else was translated in our program.

Silvia's dress was amazing, and Steve looked very handsome--and extremely nervous. Because I was reading and Keven was an usher, we were seated with the family at the very front and had a fantastic view of the whole proceedings. My reading went off without a hitch, and the entire ceremony probably lasted an hour. If you were going to create a fairytale wedding in your mind about the blending of two cultures for a very special day, that was it. That was what happened. It was absolutely perfect.

After a zillion photos and much throwing of rice, we all headed back to the resort for the reception. I changed shoes right away! A tremendously huge buffet was laid out, and Keven and I quickly partook of two plates of food. Only then did a waiter announced that we could adjourn for dinner! The buffet was simply the appetizers. And already the champagne and wine were flowing freely. I was fully recovered enough to partake, but I kept my ratio on that evening at 4:1 (water:wine). This proved a successful strategy.

Dinner was, in a word, amazing. I have never eaten so much consistently fantastic food and in such quantity. But again, this was an opportunity for Keven and I to recognize that the entire experience would've been vastly different had the girls been in attendance. They would've been bored out of their minds. Speeches from old relatives translated into two languages? Food they've never seen before? Lots of grown-up talk about people and things they don't know or understand? Boredom!

But for me it was heaven.

The final course, poor thing, was barely touched by most folks at our table. I thought for sure that no one would have room for dessert, but I think people were pacing themselves at the end. At the end of a half hour, the dessert buffet looked like the victim of a locust infestation.

Then the band took the stage. They were a kind of 50s and 60s tribute band, with lots of surfer music and rock'n'roll standards. Steve and Silvia danced to a montage of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walking" and "(Bang, Bang) My Baby Shot Me Down," and then Dick Dale's "Misirlou," which really got the party going. All very well done and tons of fun. I got to dance to "Helter Skelter" and The Doors' "Roadhouse," so I was a hella happy girl. After the band signed off, they turned on some tunes and Keven and I danced to "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" by Chris Isaak. Ultra cool.

Oh, they even brought out a birthday cake for Grandma Lofty and Keven's cousin Eric, both of whom were born on June 13, the wedding day. So that was special. They were serenaded "Happy Birthday" in two languages.

Keven and I turned in at about 4 AM. I think the jet lag was really helping us at that point, because it would have only been 9PM back home in the central time zone.

Tomorrow: the post reception chill out.

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