Italy #4

After the bacchanalia of the reception, most people took the opportunity to use Sunday for rest and recuperation. We didn't have to be out of the resort until that afternoon, so I was able to partake in the breakfast buffet that morning. Too bad I had missed it the day before, because it was entirely lovely. Then it was off to the pool.

Later that afternoon, people began to disperse. Some were returning to England, and those of us who were staying made our way to various bed and breakfasts in the area. Keven and I stayed at Casa Rastia with ten relatives: his parents (Linda and Trevor), his grandma and her younger sister, his godparents (Carol and Roy), his mom's sister and her husband (Wendy and Alan), and his mom's brother's widow (Aunt Margaret) and her daughter (cousin Karen). We were the only people at the bed and breakfast for the entire week.

Keven and I had a private room; everyone else had to make do with sharing, so we were appreciative of our privacy. Each room had its own kitchen. And while Keven and I didn't have the views that the upper story rooms did, we were in the basement which meant cool relief on any given hot, hot day. And boy, did some of the days get hot!

That evening we drove up the mountain, near to the very top, and had another fantastic dinner at a little family-owned place. They seemed to get all of their business from people like us, referred by the local B&B owners. All very secluded and private. The sunset over the Apennines was amazing. We returned to Casa Rastia and dropped everyone off, then Keven and I headed over to another bed and breakfast called Salomone, which specializes in honey production, honey-based wines, agricultural tourism, and fantastic food. Keven's Aunt Rose and Uncle Keith and their sons, 20-year-old Jack and 24-year old Eric, were staying there.

But we didn't eat at Salomone that night--just had more to drink. It's like a national sport. So fantastic. We again hit the sack at about 4AM.

Tomorrow: the Anglos go shopping! And spelunking!

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