Sunday Update

Hello, my darlings. I know that I post more often when I'm out of town than when I'm at home. Funny that way. But things have been a bit topsy-turvy here lately. Ilsa is having some health problems that need investigating. Nothing major, but a solid diagnosis will help solve some of her more interesting eating quirks and aid in relieving her anemia. She'll be going in for an endoscopic procedure and a colonoscopy on 18 Aug. Can you say enema on a 5-yo? Oh, feel our combined mother-daughter joy.

And believe it or not, that's the one topsy-turvy thing I can actually discuss in a public-yet-coded way. Everything else is off the table when it comes to blogging, but that doesn't make them any less stressful.

Starting tomorrow, I promise to return to my Italian narrative. I have yet to finish Rome and our epic trip home! And then I'll write up a belated quickie regarding my fantastic time in DC. And maybe, very soon, I'll have some good news to share. It's on the horizon. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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