SYTYCD Week #5

My lack of enthusiasm for this season is making me sad. I think it's because I can't rely on my favorite personalities to deliver the goods, and the best dancers of the year are turning out to be people I really have no feelings for either way. Oh well. Some good routines last night.

Gasp! I hope Cat didn't cut her hair. But it was hella cute.

Melissa & Ade (disco & waltz): The disco was actually pretty fun. Lots of good synch work, and her hair was very Keeley Hawes in "Ashes to Ashes." The lifts were not effortless, which detracted from the fun, but I occasionally get it in my head to blame Dorianna Sanchez for that. Or a lot. The looked like they were having a great time, despite the work.

As for the waltz, I loved Melissa lines, as always, and their non-waltzy bits were very nice. However, it's still supposed to be a waltz. He was doing a lot of stepping, rather than gliding, and I was left to wonder two things: a) how would Brandon have handled the same chorey, and b) just how good is Ade? I can't figure it out because Melissa is so distractingly lovely. She has a strong following, but I wonder if she may have peaked too soon. After all, these two performances were ones that people could take for granted if they tried hard.

Kayla & Kuponoh (contemp & Broadway): Well, Mia certainly is on her game this season. The group number (to Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" in week 2) was striking. The Butt Dance was an instant classic. And now she adds a fantastic and emotional piece about addiction. I wonder if Sonja's success is keeping her on her toes? Kuponoh played a fantastic character and completely did his job, which was to hold steady for Kayla. She showed him up in a painful way, technique wise, but it turned out to be a gorgeous, moving dance.

As for the Broadway...not so much. I don't think I like this new woman. Or else her chorey hasn't been done justice yet. But if you want to see how other SYTYCD alums dance to this music, check out Kate & Jack (third place and winner from AUS#1) as they demonstrate a routine to the AUS#2 hopefuls in Sydney. It's at 5:50 in. I just can't get over the intensity on their faces and the power in their movements--both of which were lacking from K & K.

Caitlyn & Jason (foxtrot & jazz? contemp?): Caitlyn looked elegant and lovely in her 20s-ish dress, and the gliding, classy style really suited her. They at least looked like they didn't hate each other. The other routine was by Mandy Moore, yes? So forgettable. I think these two are done, if for no other reason than there are more memorable dancers still left in play.

Jeanine & Phillip (Russian folk & jive): WTF was that? Was there any couple who could've rocked this out? I felt sorry for them like I did for Kherington & Mark when they got the two-step last year. Trying out a new style when you're desperate to make it one more step is not what these dancers need or want. Unfortunate. The jive was nicer, but they certainly made a much bigger deal out of Evan's lack of bounce in week 2. Phillip was passable and everyone cheers. "He can stay another week!" Look out, girl partners.

But enough about Phillip. They're always talking about him, when Jeanine is really, really good. Her jive was hot and funky-flirtatious. Can't wait to see her shine.

Randi & Evan (hiphop & samba): AUS#2 used "Halo" for a gorgeous contemporary this past spring, so my opinions about what should be done with this song were already colored. Hate to say it, but this was fairly pedestrian chorey from Tabitha & Napoleon. Meh? That's the best I could sum up. I think they're both better dancers than this, but they didn't show it tonight.

PASHA!! Anya as a blonde! Can you imagine how hot that samba would've been had they danced it? Notice that they didn't show too much of them dancing in the rehearsals, for fear of melting TV screens and ruining Randi & Evan's chances of making a good go. Evan, he is not the samba king. I don't think Evan can do any brand of sexy patented after 1952. And Randi needs more playfulness to show off her cutesy sexuality. This just wasn't good enough. My faith in them wanes.

Janette & Brandon (tango & jazz): Holy crap!! See, I think they're cool enough people, but I don't have it in my heart-of-hearts to root for them. Something just doesn't connect for me. BUT, that said, they absolutely killed it last night. That tango was breathtaking. Nigel was wrong in that it wasn't the best, most professional ballroom routine of all time, because that was Heidi & Benji's mambo from Season 2. But damn. Great work from Janette and Brandon. As for Wade's love-it-or-hate-it style, it won't do them any harm. They danced his piece well and will be so so so very safe tonight.

The bottom three will be Caitlyn & Jason (who will both go home), plus some combination of Not Melissa, Ade, Janette or Brandon. My guess is Kayla & Kuponoh again, because their fanbase is seriously wonky and unreliable, and Randi & Evan, who could do with a dose of positive in being able to perform their own style before going into the Top 10.


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