And Now for the Ladies

As promised, here's the casting call for my female lead. I wonder about a couple of things. First, I never said that this was a "period" romance. It could be from any era, from medievals on down, but many of you recommended vintage Hollywood actress that reflect my WWII setting. I put it past none of you! Second, there's a ton of variety here, and I actually received more suggestions than for the men. Maybe because women make male recommendations based on who they fancy, as opposed to women where it's more open?

Anyway, my heroine is in here. Names at the bottom.

Valeria Golino, Toni Collette, Rhada Mitchell, Rachel Weisz, Rachel Griffiths, Merle Oberon, Marion Cotillard, Lauren Bacall, Keira Knightley, Katherine Ross, Katherin Hepbrun, Kate Beckinsale, Georgia Moffett, Gabrielle Anwar, Emily Watson, Christina Cole, Barbara Stanwick, Ava Gardner, Anna Friel, Amy Adams.

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