Golf Nap

It wasn't the most ideal golf nap in the world. The temperature was too hot and the humidity too high, so that meant AC rather than open windows and breezes. I couldn't get comfy on the couch, mostly because I was sharing. And it ended all too soon, as most naps do. But...it was a Golf Nap and therefore one of the universe's divine pleasures. Until next April, when I'll see you again in Augusta.

Tomorrow will be grand fun. It's 5-yo colon cleanse time! We're locked and stocked with Jell-o, popsicles, and all manner of innards-cleaning goodness. I probably wouldn't blog about it at all if she were a few years older. I'd feel a bit more protective of her sanctity as an autonomous being. Even with Juliette I'd be hesitant because she's entirely too aware of embarrassment for her age. But not Ilsa so much. Plus I'm terribly apprehensive about the whole ordeal. So I blog. I'm looking forward to 48 hours from now when it's all over.

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