The Joy of Men

Well I must say that I appreciate everyone's suggestions for casting my new hero. I received recs on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and my own Yahoo group, so the variety was immense. So much tasty male goodness, old and new, sent my way!

Below I've compiled my preferred best-of-the-best pic of each celeb. Although I'm not going to tell you who I've chosen--and yes, he is in there--I thought you might like perusing the combined suggestions as much as I enjoyed playing mental games with them.

I love my job.

Here they are, in no particular order. Names listed below.

From top to bottom: Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Kitsch, Paul Newman, Nathan Fillion, Tim Daly, Robert Mitchum, Josh Hopkins, John Garfield, Ed Westwick, Hugh Jackman, Eddie McClintock, Chris Pine, Christian Bale, Kyle Chandler, Jon Hamm. And yes, some of them are not American, but they get paid to act, right??

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