Montreal: Whoa, Baby!

I love the Montreal auditions for SYTYCD. They really seem to have a culture for dance there, and tons of men doing yummy Latin ballroom. Watch these links quick before Dick Clark and his evil minions take them down: Gessuri Gaitlan doing some absolutely sick contemp, which made Mia Michales propose to him; the Dailey twins, who make Jean-Marc cry (not so hard) and make Mia lose her train of thought because of their awesomeness (much harder); and Camille Norton, who does hot, hot, hot interpretive rumba with last year's Top 10 dancer and just-short-of-smug cutie, Danny Arbour.

I feel sorry for the other fantastic contestants in Montreal. They were all pretty spectacular but were totally outshone by these amazing performers. Bring on the finals! And the US show had better shape the hell up. There's some seriously mental competition just north of the border!

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