I don't know that I have too much to say about last night's finale. The routines selected by the judges seemed to have been pulled out of a hat. If I squint and think hard about it, I can kind of make sense out of some choices (beyond the obvious stunners like Mia's addition piece, or audience faves like Cancer Dance). For example, the "Mad" routine with Philip and Jeanine was 1) a decent example of Tabitha & Napoleon's work, and the least embarrassing they came up with this season, and 2) one that featured the return of Philip, also in a non-embarrassing way.

I didn't think at all that Evan would go home during that first cut because he arrived on stage wearing his outfit for the Butt Dance. I couldn't imagine them making him dance that immediately after having been cut, so the suspense was gone entirely. I was glad to see that he held his freeze position in the Butt Dance this time around, even though the cameras' constant shifting lost the simplicity and power of the choreography. Less is better, people!

Was I the only one who wanted to see Lil'C all dolled up with the other judges for their guest appearance during "One"? He would've looked snazzy in a white tux! Good to see that Adam Shankman still has some awesome sharpness to his moves, as opposed to Mary who just posed and smiled. And speaking of sharp moves, I loved seeing the footage during the Top Four's rehearsal with Wade Robson. He is still a wicked good dancer and, especially while the others were still learning the routine, he kicked their asses.

I wonder if Cat realize that, from the chest up, her dress looked like she was wearing nothing more than a white bath towel. She's been dressing herself this season, with the stated intent of making an impression. Well, impression made. But not necessarily a positive one.

I found Talia's performance the most interesting for many reasons. My intense dislike of her does not, apparently, transfer to her dancing when provided enough distance from her personality. She didn't talk, she didn't smirk, and she did a nice job with Sonja's awesome routine. A pleasant surprise! But I was expecting more guest appearances! From the build-up, did anyone else get the impression that season 1-4 winners would show up? And I had held out a tiny hope that maybe Nico and winners from other international contests might also appear...to no avail.

Anyway, I know they wanted to feature Brandon and Jeanine in a dance together--triumph of the final two--but we just saw that paso the night before! And I wasn't all that impressed the first time! Overall the finale very much kept with the tone of the season: competent, uncontroversial, and vaguely pleasing. I was glad Jeanine won, but I wouldn't have cared much with any result.

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