Weekend Change of Plans

We were supposed to be driving to Bowling Green later this afternoon. A friend of mine from college was set to get married tomorrow. Unfortunately, her 25-year-old cousin died earlier this week and services will be held today. The wedding has been postponed. I'm heartbroken for her and her family. To go from expecting such a wonderful event to preparing emotionally for a dear loved one's funeral...that's quite a turnaround.

The occasion was going to serve as a reunion of sorts for college friends I haven't seen in 11 years, so I really hope everyone will be able to make it out to Ohio when they reschedule.

Our weekend, therefore, has suddenly opened up. Josie and Brad will be watching the girls this afternoon while Keven and I head out to see District 9. It's running an astounding 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is just amazing for a sci-fi movie by a debut director. It'll probably only do half the business that GI Joe did last week, which will make me despair for humanity.

Keven and I are midway through season one of "Battlestar Galactica" and enjoying it a great deal. (Note: My enjoyment has nothing to do with Jamie Bamber. Nothing.) In watching "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who," I always get the impression that everything will be okay. Exploration is limitless, humans are flawed but resourceful, and there is always adventure to be had. Let's just say that I don't get any such impression from "Battlestar." Instead, I hold my breath and wonder what horrible, soul-jerking event will happen next. And I bet it doesn't get any better! That's me, trippin' to the dark side.

I've also started watching SYTYCD CA2, which premiered on Wednesday. Can never have too much SYTYCD! Canada has so many amazing dancers. My friend Maya made the point that, in relation to their population, this is particularly noteworthy--especially because, in her words, "Canadian Idol" is apparently a vast disappointment. Bring on hot Quebecois guys who can Latin dance!

Yesterday, I took the girls down to Lake Michigan. It was about 85° and sunny, with only a light breeze. Perfect beach weather! I had a research book I was plowing through, and they had their new-found love of all things water. We were probably there three hours. They would've stayed until dark. The only challenge about beaches, however, is the cleanup afterwards! But it was worth it to get my reading done in peace while they worked off some of their DVR-induced jitters.

Oh, and if you're not subscribed to my Yahoo loop, you're totally missing out. Just sayin'. OK, I'm off to do, um...stuff?

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