And On Tuesday, She Remembered to Blog

Last week was all about finding our Groove. Notably, our Groove is not the flurry of productive always-on-time awesomeness that was the first week of school. The Groove is all about what actually happens in a regular week, and we've been finding that out.

Juliette has a homeroom first grade teacher, as well as teachers for her "specials": art, music, gym, science, French, and computers. So in actuality, she has seven different teachers. That means I've been learning her schedule and her teachers' names--not so bad since two of them are my friends--as well as the rhythm of her week. Gym clothes on Tuesday and Thursday, for example. Ilsa's is much easier to cope with, but she still has Tuesday library visits and various parent meetings.

Swimming starts for both girls tomorrow at their new swim home: The Kenosha Barracudas Swim Team (that is, if Juliette's recovered from her cold--she's home today). Juliette tested into Level 3 and Ilsa into Level 2. Once they graduate from Level 4, they'll have the option of joining the swim team, which competes across the Midwest. Huh. That sounds a) awesome, b) expensive, and c) time consuming, with awesome probably playing the trump card.

Last Thursday was the Sissi/Kuku bonfire. Everyone at Armitage, from the kindergartners to the teachers and staff, is either a Sissi or a Kuku. At the annual bonfire, new arrivals draw a colored feather--red for Sissies and green for Kukus--from a bag to determine their team. (The names are taken from local American Indian legends of Ahwahsissa or Nekhuwika, which I have no information on. I'm just blindly following along for the sake of school spirit. Will report back later.) In future school-wide events like the annual spring track meet, all the Sissis and Kukus compete. It's designed to bring the school together across grade and teacher lines, so that an 8th grader will support his science teacher and a new kindergartner just because they're all Sissis, etc. A good-natured rivalry is the aim.

Juliette desperately wanted to be a Kuku. Their color is green, her favorite, and the mascot is a cat. The Sissis are red with a bear. Plus many friends of ours are already Kukus, so all week she was building up to the bonfire when she'd get to pick her feather. I did my best to remind her that it's a 50/50 drawing and she might wind up a Sissi. But in the end, luck and magic and maybe even a teensy bit of peeking into the bag resulted in the green Kuku feather. Much rejoicing!

Saturday we hosted a dinner party for our babysitting co-op. Sunday was an ice cream social for Montessori, followed by dinner at our friends' house. So many good things about our life here.

Oh, and the girls saved up for an accordion. Don't ask me why they became fixated on one. It was $25 at Heim's and I didn't think they'd save for it on $2/week each allowance. But they did. Pooling their funds, and with me throwing in for tax--how to explain that $25 is really $26.38??--we went to the toy store after ice cream. Turns out we've spent so much at Heim's over the past year that we qualified for a $10-off coupon. So they not only met their savings goal but were rewarded for it, with enough money leftover for stickers.

And now we own an accordion. I'm proud of them, but that thing stays in their bedroom! I should start saving my pennies too. If Ilsa gets any more interested in playing her piano, we'll be footing out for lessons soon...

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