Dance Break

OK, so what is up with the new season of SYTYCD in the US? Are they really going to keep cutting two days of auditions down to one-hour shows? (Forty minutes, really, if you leave out the scads of adverts.) And what is with picking one or two psychos and focusing on them, leaving out the good dancers? We haven't been shown ANY of Pasha & Anya's bootcamp chorey either. It's like the whole show has slid toward "American Idol" territory, abandoning the dance fans in order to embrace those who watch Fox reality for the Bedlam patients.

If this is what we get in prime time, I'm not impressed. I hope this doesn't affect how the rest of the season will go. Very annoyed.

I'm glad I still have Canada, Australia, and maybe even the UK to keep me occupied, although all of them come with flaws. In Canada, which is down to their Top 12 now, the flaws have to do with the producers' decision to push the ULTRA SEXY all the time, sacrificing subtlety, quality and originality. Jean-Marc and Tré are more annoying than ever, and Leah Miller needs to be shaved and abandoned in a deep well. The choreography, which was so excellent last year, has been subpar--mostly "meh" routines with nothing truly standing out.

That said, I have utterly fallen in love with the routine below. Tara-Jean is a contemporary dancer and Everett is a tapper--remember that when Ryan Kasperzak makes the US#6 show and everyone goes on about him being the first tapper. Nah. Everett got there first and he's amazing. I hope he wins this year.

Anyway this routine style is house, which is all about a sleek, chill-out upper body paired with absolutely mental footwork. I can't even begin to imagine how hard this is. But what's great about their performance is that they look like they're having a total blast. Their upper bodies kinda groove independently, but their feet are perfectly matched. The synchronized spins into double pirouettes--and they land them!--are sick.

SO MUCH FUN. I can't stop watching. Makes me happy.

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