Everett & TJ Strike Again

TJ and Everett did it again this week...with tap!! She's amazing. She'd never done tap before, while he's a most awesome throwback to the 50s styles without being as one-trick as Evan turned out to be. They made Top 10 without ever having been in the bottom three, dancing jive, salsa, quickstep, house and tap--not a single schmaltzy story piece for folks to emotionally grab onto. Just hard work and shining personalities. Can you tell I think they're awesome?

Notice in the rehearsal that he's barefoot; she's wearing tap shoes. I bet this was so his taps wouldn't drown out hers as they listened to her learn. Clever.

As for the US Season 6, I'm still waiting for it to take off. I never feel 100% invested in folks until I see their first paired performances in the Top 20. This is just going to drag on for ages, though, as the show conforms to the prime time lineup. But oh, how I dig Cat. "Did you roll your eyes at me?"

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