Italy, Supplemental

I know you thought I was done with Italy posting, and I thought I was too. But I forgot about this, which has been hanging on my corkboard since our return.

Other than the angel and the Pietà, this was my favorite piece of art from our trip. It's called "Continuità" (continuance) by Silvio Amelio, housed at the rear of the upper basilica in the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi. Here St. Francis receives his vision of Christ and the command to rebuild the Church.

I'm not a religious person, but I'm often fascinated by religious and mythological artwork, perhaps because of the grand, tragic opportunities those myths and parables offer to artists' imaginations. Standing there, my eyes kept being drawn to St. Francis's feet. They are utterly lifelike, in stark contrast to Christ's Art Deco styling. Christ's pointing hand is also completely human. I love studying the stylistic choices the artist made regarding when to keep it human and when to play with the abstract for the sake of movement and impact.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about this bronze online, not even a better quality photograph, and there were no plaques or artistic notes in the cathedral. I'm glad I paid my €.50 to pick up this prayer leaflet. Now that I've scanned it, I'll pin it back on my corkboard.

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