Meet Ava Gray

Have I mentioned lately how much I admire my friend, Ann Aguirre? I don't think so. You see, Ann and I have known each for roughly three years. In that time we've exchanged about six million IMs, attended three RWA National conferences as roommates, and written one book together. (Shhh...more on that later!)

Also in that time, Ann's career has skyrocketed from e-published releases to mega awesome successes at Penguin. As Ann Aguirre she writes paranormal urban fantasy (the Corine Solomon series, which began with BLUE DIABLO) and sci-fi with hints of romance--her Jax books, the latest of which is DOUBLEBLIND. It comes out on Tuesday!

And November 3 will mark the debut of her new alter-ego, Ava Gray.

Ava is different. Ava is all about romance. Sure it's gritty, nasty, bloody, action-packed romance, but really--I rarely have it any other way. At least in print. The first time Ann pitched me what became SKIN GAME was via email. She'd just sent a two-page proposal and opening chapter to her agent; I printed it out and read it while the girls were in swimming. Let's just say I knew right then she had a winner. I've kept my hands off it ever since--my policy is to read Ann's finished product in book form only!--and now I can't wait to see how that initial kernel of idea has become a full-fledged powerhouse romp.

September 29 is also the day my friend Marilyn Brant's women's fiction debut, ACCORDING TO JANE, is released. This book won Marilyn the Golden Heart for best manuscript with romantic elements back in 2007...which was the first RWA conference Ann and I attended together. See? It's all connected in my brain! Congratulations to Ann/Ava and Marilyn!

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