What I'm Working On

Yes, it's a ME ROUND-UP! For the next few paragraphs, I'll post pictures of random prettyboys and refrain from talking about kids or television or SYTYCD (a whole TV category unto itself). Instead I'm calling it: "What I've been doing since my summer vacation ended."

Mostly writing.

Imagine that: get the kids out of the house for regular, defined periods of time on a daily basis--and words get written! Almost as if by magic. I have a definite goal in mind, which is to have four finished manuscripts ready to pitch by the time a slew of conferences (Chicago North's Spring Fling followed immediately by RT in Columbus) roll around in April.

They are:

WWII Romance: Currently titled "Flygirl," it's the story of a British civilian pilot and the paratrooper medic she falls in love with in the weeks before D-Day.

The Christies: Book one is "Flawless," which I've discussed before. Set in colonial South Africa, an estranged husband and wife must work together to earn the company that is her inheritance.

Scoundrels: Blanca, who you'll meet this January in SCOUNDREL'S KISS, gets her own story when she embarks on a Gothic-style high seas adventure with a Venetian pirate.

Project of Newness: I'll use its acronym "ADOG" because it's still too new to discuss. Let's just say I'll need a pseudonym for this one. It's not straight history, so I'm having a good time contemplating uncharted creative territory.

And there is a fifth project, should Ann and I get lucky. Waiting... waiting... waiting... But it's weird because in writing this one, I am Hugh Jackman. Can't lust after him. That would be weird.

I've put the projects in my sidebar to account for my whereabouts. If the meters are crawling upward, then I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

In the meantime, I'm teaching online and/or in-person presenting a total of seven workshops between now and my panel at RT, as well as writing another article for Romance Writers' Report and gearing up the big publicity push for SK.

Just a reminder: my Back to School contest ends Friday at noon. Make sure you enter to win an official ARC of Scoundrel's Kiss and a $25 gift certificate to the book retailer of your choice. Details here. Good luck! And I'm sure Damian wishes you luck too. He's sweet that way.

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