Friday Night Exhaustion

Friday night and I'm beat. I have much to do this weekend, including finishing an article and finalizing a workshop syllabus, both of which are due Monday. I also have a critique to do, many promotional emails to send out, and read an ILL book due back on Tuesday. But Sunday afternoon should be good; I'm meeting with my collection of physically deficient homegirls in Chicago for the afternoon.

But that's not tonight. No, tonight is all about television. I'm now a junkie, in that I look forward to having my fix of no-brain entertainment come evenings. On deck: last night's "FlashForward," two episodes of "Top Gear," and two episodes of "Dollhouse"--yes, I'm starting season two. Haven't seen season one. Wonder how that will go. I also have some "Glee" and "Robin Hood" recorded, but I haven't been too fussed about either. Maybe that's because I get my comedy kicks from British panel shows I watch via YouTube.

The girls' swimming went quite well on Wednesday, much better than the last two weeks. And we've been behaving with regard to our budget. A flat tire yesterday, which pre-empted my dentist appointment--I wasn't too disappointed--set us back a bit, but not to the point of despair. A good week, overall. How'd yours go?

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