Get on the Road to Victory

Yesterday I checked out a CD by Bing Crosby called Those Great WWII Songs and came across this gem. You gotta love the simplicity of WWII-era propaganda. Can you imagine folks lining up to invest in bonds today--no matter the cause--if they were backed up by "your ever-lovin' Uncle Sam"? Credit crunch aside, I think we left that sort of innocent faith behind a long time ago. The middle bit is spoken.

Get on, get on, get on the road to victory.
Get off, get off, get off the rusty dusty and
Get on, get on, get on the road to victory and
Buy another bond today.

Get in, get in, get in your weekly envelope.
Get out, get out, get out some ever lovin' and
Get on, get on, get on the road to victory and
Buy another bond today.

You know it's a funny thing that people gotta be urged and prodded and reminded to buy bonds. Why, getting into the position to buy bonds has been the angle every guy's been angling for since he found out that anybody can be anything he wants to be under our flags and under our way of life. Buying bonds doesn't really mean a thing, but stashing something away for the future--right now your weekly take is probably a pretty colorful thing. Try putting a little of it away for the future. That's all buying war bonds means: building up a future for yourself and protecting what you've got, everything you've helped to build. Every bond you buy today is not only an investment in freedom, not only the least you can do to help the men who are fighting for you, but every bond you buy today is a hunk of tomorrow's best--signed, sealed, and set aside for you by your ever-lovin' Uncle Sam.

Sure I know you bought a bunch of them in April
Thinking that was all you'd ever need to get
Well, the boys were fighting for you back in April
And they haven't laid a rifle down as yet.

So you'd better get on....
And I liked this lyric from "The Victory Polka": "And we will give a mighty cheer when a ration book is just a souvenir." Although, really Bing--a polka?


In other news, I'm sorta glad Ryan Kasperzak was sent home last night. I can't imagine the lopsided fan base he'd have going in if he made Top 20. And I'm totally digging the krump guy who can just, oh, by the way, cha-cha!

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