SYTYCD? Really?

I'm so annoyed by this season of SYTYCD. OK, I know it's in prime time and that changes how they operate. But Vegas Week in only two one-hour programs? I have never seen so little coverage of what is, to me, one of the most entertaining parts of the program. We get to see them unformed and tentative, and we also get to see glimpses of the dancers they will still become. Gah. So frustrating. And now they'll drag out the Top 20 reveal next week.

But on a brighter dance note, I'm SO happy that Everett and TJ both made it into the Top 4 in Canada. I've been a fan of theirs for weeks now, hoping they'd make it back together again. Yay! I've never had a favorite couple reunited before! (I know some people felt that way about Joshua and Katee, but I was too busy being Mark's fan to notice.)

This past week was Top 6 and produced two amazing routines, one from the girls and one from the guys. Let's start with what was the more technically superior, a breathtaking classical piece from Mia Michaels. I was so impressed with the control these dancers exhibited, plus the restraint in Mia's chorey.

And then there's Everett and the boys. I say "Everett and the boys" because, really, Everett owned this number. You'll spot him as the shorter, groovier dude in the middle. The other two were his less engaging posse: Vincent is a ballroom dancer who manages to swing with the funky style--must better than I thought he would--but Emanuel, who is a former Olympic figure skater for Canada and classically trained dancer, just doesn't have any FUNK. I broke it down like this:

Emanuel: "I don't want to do it."
Vincent: "I will enjoy doing it."
Everett: "You're gonna love watching me do it!"

I mean, how else could he pull off that final pose? Why, with a smile and a tip of his hat, of course! Naughty thing. But no wonder, really, when so much of his own tap style incorporates that James Brown/Michael Jackson vibe.

Happy sigh. I could watch him tap all day.

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