SYTYCD Top 20 Revealed

Welcome to another season, folks! Luckily we know roughly 20% more of this season's Top 20 than this past summer. But with the editing being so fierce, I'm not surprised. The people they focused on sorta became the people who made it through. They didn't have air time to focus on anyone else.

Weird about that awesome girl Paula opting out. Honey, it had better be a seriously good film role to turn down the opportunity to drawl into millions of living rooms for twelve weeks straight. OK, on with the Top 20:


Nathan: Young! Liz and I were talking on Sunday, wondering why they hadn't shown much of him. We wondered if maybe he'd even been sent home. Apparently not. Damn, he's prodigious.

Billy: Another contemporary prodigy! The boys have their shit together this year. But both, I'm afraid, are too young and/or too gay for me to fixate on.

Russell: Hello, krump guy! Can't wait to see what he can do.

Kevin: Another hip-hop dancer I noticed in their speedy, speedy tour of Vegas week. His celebration with Russell was so cute.

Phillip: Tap!

Peter: Double tap!! (Yeah, yeah, I'm pleased. But I'm going to be moaning about how Everett was the first tapper on SYTYCD up in Canada, so be forewarned. I won't be able to help myself.)

Victor: More contemporary dudes. How much you want to bet he's paired with the tallest girl? Maybe Ashleigh, the married ballroom chickie. She's very tall.

Jakob: Who? Poor guy.

Legacy: I haven't been impressed. He has a lot of ground to make up with me.

Ryan: Ahem. Can we stop playing up the fact he's married? It's messing with my naughty thoughts. KTHXBAI. And it may come back to haunt them as they individually try to sell an emotional connection to other partners.


Kathryn: How annoying is her squeaky cry? Even Juliette noticed her voice going up and up and up. But she looks like an amazing dancer.

Channing: She's...curious unaffected? Her reserve/lack of partner connection foretells issues like Caitlyn with Jason last season.

Ariana: Didn't she nearly make it last year? She seems really familiar. Oh, wait! She was! She got to the last cut in US5. Sweet girl, huge smile, great technique. Weird that she didn't get the "she's been in this position before" treatment.

Ellenore: That's her real spelling. I'm never going to get that right through the season. She's technically jazz, though. Cat said she was contemporary.

Bianca: Tap!!! I love her. She's by far the contestant coming in with the most hype and the most history. I'd hate for her to crash and burn on week one.

Mollee: Again, more with the funky spellings. And she's technically jazz too. I find her intensely annoying, but she's probably just young.

Pauline: What does she do? Jazz? No, she may be hip-hop. Her Vegas week was really impressive, even the way she held a final pose after turning her ankle into a skin-covered egg.

Noelle: Oh dear, the friend thing is already petting my fur backward.

Karen: Ballroom latina! She's hot, very natural in her sensuality.

Ashleigh: Oh double dear, this is getting obnoxious. OK, it was cute with Benji and Heidi. And then Lacey. And then with Ivan and his sister Faina. And the Kasperzaks. But seriously, SYTYCD producers, we don't need the cutesy family gimmicks in order to find the show entertaining. Honest! Give us dancers who can entertain and forget the frakin' pre-packaged schmaltz!

(Pardon my grumps. I'm ticked because I haven't been able to see Canada's Top Four performance show from last night. Look at TJ & Everett! They finally did something emotional and I can't see it! *Grumbles* UPDATED: Yay! Link!)

That said, damn is this a fine group or what? I don't know if they can perform but they can dance. I don't think we've had such an amazing collection of jazz/contemp dancers. By contrast, it feels like an intensely streamlined group. Three tappers, three hip-hop, one b-boy, three ballroom...and the rest jazz/contemp. They're going to have to work hard to stand out. First person/couple who gets halfway close to their own style will have an instant advantage.

In other news, Adam Shankman will be doing next year's Oscars, and Mia Michaels officially left SYTYCD on Thurs. What was that comment she made regarding Russell? Something about "things haven't been going my way"? Ah, well. If this show has proven anything, it's that there are seriously talented choreographers out there. I want new blood! And more Pasha & Anya. They're all going to have to work super hard to match Mia's flair for the memorable.

What are your thoughts? I know y'all been watching it!

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