SYTYCD Week #1

All right, so somebody needs to explain why the hell Fox is screwing with my favorite show. This whole past week has been such a disaster. That thing on Monday night was nice enough, but it was obvious "let's not waste an episode of House" filler. Although I quite loved the Wade Robson opening number, I didn't save any of the others. Fantastic dancing, sure, but who are these people really? The whole show is about emotional connection and we don't have any with these miscellaneous faces. Not yet.

The episode on Tuesday continued the WTFery. Cat was stunning, but why did she keep smiling to random unseen people in the audience? It was fake than usual, and only because it's Cat did I forgive her. There sounded like about eight people in the audience, and the cameramen haven't yet figured out to film this new big stage. When we're far away, we're FAR AWAY, which misses the opportunity for a lot of the mid-range performance and close-up expressions.

Weird about Billy Bell, and the whole thing sucked for poor Brandon. And why not eliminate Noelle straight off? That's what they did to Jessie when she couldn't dance with Pasha because of "exhaustion." I don't see that it's fair how Ariana (who danced, although not with any particular flair) was eliminated and Noelle (who sat and watched while wearing a big ass knee brace) was not.

Adam Shankman is awesome. His comments about hot Latina Karen made me snort. I'm so glad he's a permanent judge now. Here's the rundown:

Channing & Phillip (Jason G's jive): What an awkward pairing. She has a good strut but was very stiff. He's the sort of effortless partner who can easily be forgotten when the voting starts.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Tasty Orea's Broadway): Ah, so Jakob is our newest "let's tongue bathe him until the audience gets sick of it and votes him out" male dancer. Duly noted. And I'm forming a distinct dislike of Mrs. Married. He leaped. She strutted. Meh.

Ariana & Peter (Tab & Nap's hip hop): This was some of the best chorey from Tabitha & Napoleon in some time. Too bad it was delivered so unconvincingly.

Noelle (Meredith) & Russell: Melanie is awesome. So is Russell. Why was he in the bottom? Just for effect?

Bianca & Victor (Travis's contemp): I don't mind losing Mia Michaels if we get more chorey from Travis. He does breathtaking work. However, while I agree that Victor was the more technically superior dancer, it was Bianca's emotional performance that sold the piece.

Karen & Kevin (Melanie & Tony's cha cha): Wow, she sizzles. And she seems completely harmless and sweet. She and Bianca are my favorite girls. He held his own, so good job. Where are Anya and Pasha this season??

Ellenore & Ryan (Sonja's jazz): She loses points for the "this is gonna be one of the best ever" comment, and he loses points for the "heh, I guess you can tell I work out" comment. It was visually interesting but not emotional. They have potential as dancers but not as my favorites.

Pauline & Brandon (Jason's smooth waltz): They had to get smooth waltz? Really? Just hang them now. I liked seeing them together much more than I liked their dancing.

Katheryn & Legacy (Dave Scott's hip hop): Ooh, very nice. He's much better than I gave him credit for, although I'll hold my breath if he gets ballroom. They were well matched and nicely connected. She lost sharpness and energy toward the end, which none of the judges pointed out.

Nathan & Mollee (Doriana's disco): Oh, crap. Welcome to the Top 10 via High School Musical. There was some majorly poor unison in parts, but again, the judges didn't mention it.

That said, the judges were quite good in the their critiques tonight, perhaps because they really had to justify kicking people off without an audience vote. Or perhaps I'm just used to the Canadian show that just wrapped up, where each week they needed to import US judges with spines.

Your thoughts? Who caught your eye? Who can't you stand already? That people are already so divided on some contestants means the producers learned their lesson from Season 5's uniformly good-yet-bland mistakes. Bring on disaster television in prime time, apparently.

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